At Westervelt College, we offer a range of services to help our students succeed in their studies and careers.

Career Services and Admissions Departments offer guidance and career counselling. Our Career Counsellors help you determine your strengths and help you find the career path that is right for you. We also have a Student Services team to offer you assistance as a student throughout the duration of your program.

The Graduate Employment Services Department is here to help you through the career search process. It provides résumé editing, career coaching, and interview preparation services. These services are available to all of our graduating students at any point in their careers.

Career Services & Career Counselling

Our Career Services team is dedicated to helping our graduates find meaningful employment once they complete their programs. Whether you are in Health Care, Business, Law, or IT, we’ve built a strong network of employers who have hired Westervelt graduates and trust in the education that they’ve received.

We also help you transition smoothly from college to career through our work practicums and field placements.

All of our students receive in-class instruction on how to effectively promote their skills and abilities, write resumes and cover letters, prepare for an interview, find jobs in both the hidden and visible markets in order to obtain a career in the field that they want.

After graduation, we will teach you how to best manage your career through our Career Management program. You will have the opportunity to practice interview techniques, development or improve your resume, learn networking and job search skills.

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All Labour Market information reports are provided by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.
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Graduate Employment Services
Our Graduate Employment Service department gives you access to a network of quality employers who rely on the expertise of Westervelt graduates.
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Why Students Love Westervelt

Alison Summer

It’s like you’re in the real atmosphere of being in the field. Also our teacher helped us with our placements. It’s been great!

Pharmacy Technician Program

Melissa NcNaughton

It’s a lot being able to help others and give back to the community that gave me so much!

Personal Support Worker Program

Daniel Goyette

Westervelt College have great instructors, they are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The program is much more in depth than I had myself prepared. It’s very rewarding!

Massage Theraphy Program

Brandon Cornell

Westervelt College is really caring, they want to make you succeed, they do everything they can to help you!

Orthopaedic Technician Program

Shawn Lawrence

I enrolled in Westervelt College because I wanted to learn something new. This is a rewarding career, it’s all about helping people in their time of need.

Law, Security and Police Foundations Program

Cori Sims

Westervelt is a really good school in the sense of making you feel confortable with learning. The teachers are accommodating , they are there for you!

Orthopaedic Technician Program


At Westervelt College I didn’t feel like I was just a “number”, I felt like they really cared. Westervelt changed my life, it gave me the dream job I’ve always wanted!

Cameron Lee

I really appreciate that Westervelt gave me a way to align myself more with what I expected and looked for in terms of a career.

Health Information Management Program

Mackenzie McDougall

Here at Westervelt College it’s like we are a small family. The smaller feel helps you get a more personal education. Everybody wants to see you succeed!

Pharmacy Technician Program

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